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Mexican-born, Catalina Noyola Lozano is an abstract artist based in Houston, TX. Her practice involves the use of painting with watercolor, soft pastels, and acrylics, to explore the contrast of human emotions through abstract faces and bodies. Emotions of sadness, happiness, anger, or excitement are not meant to be seen as positive or negative, but rather as part of human life experience. Inspired by Latin folkloric stories and music, her figures seek to reflect the passions and sentiments brought on by different moments of life. Catalina enjoys exploring with both surrealism and abstracts to find different ways to communicate the message of self-reflection.

For her latest series “Lo que me han dicho la Luna y el Sol” / “What the Moon and Sun have told me”, she explores the Mexican cultural significance of the moon and the sun by interpreting their personalities and emotions inspired from folkloric stories and music.

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